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My final paper will be written about why I feel credit card companies should not be allowed to market on college campuses. In order for me to make this a persuasive paper I will have to use definitions and a little bit of comparison and contrast writing. Starting with definition, I want to my main point defines my topic because the main point is directly related to my purpose, which is to get my readers to understand the concept in my writing. For example in my first paragraph of my essay I am talking about credit card companies and how they are marketing heavily on college campuses to get students to apply for credit cards even though they do not have a strong credit or employment history. I am explaining what I mean about allowing students to obtain credit cards without the standard requirements that a non-student would have to qualify for. I want the reader to see that I am presenting a clear definition of what I will be writing about throughout the paper and examples that they will understand.

In the body of the essay I am comparing and showing contrast of how credit card companies treat the application of a college student to a non-college student. I show that they pretty much overlook the lack of previous credit and employment of the college student and the non-college student has to have some type of credit score which means you have to have some kind of credit history and then show employment. Credit card companies use employment as a way to justify how you will pay the monthly payments on a credit card if they issue one to you and the college student doesn’t have to show that. The similarities are that the interest rate may start off low but, in fine print there usually is a clause that states they can raise the interest rate, charge large fees for late payments and they tack on yearly dues which add to the money you pay for even though there isn’t a purchase involved.