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History has always been something that has greatly interested me. It was always one of the few classes I looked forward to going to during my day at school. It amazes me seeing how much people have moved forward. How different things were just a couple of years ago, and how much the world has evolved since. There have been so many strong, determined people that have greatly influenced the United States, and it helps me see the potential people had, and still could have if they were determined enough to change or make something better. Having said this though, history, especially United States history, has never been my strong point. It is, until this very day, very hard for me to retain almost any information that has to do with important events of the past. I could not say the date of an important even to save my life.

I was very excited to take this class. I studied a bit about the United States Constitution while I was in school, but ended up having to leave the class earlier than was expected and did not get to learn much about it at all. Even though I never really looked into it, I had always found the Constitution very interesting. I always heard “We the people”, but never quite knew what ‘the people’ wanted or were asking for. I always thought the Constitution was in fact the Bill of Rights, but I have learned in this class that this is not right at all. I did not have any idea how many parts the United States Constitution had, and I was pretty amazed when I saw it all. While researching online for information for this class, I sat down and looked at the Constitution and started reading it. While I could not understand a coupe of things, I still found it very interesting. It was very detailed and well made. I believe that I learned quite a lot about the Constitution in this class. Now I can proudly say that I know what it is about, and can say a few facts about it also.

One thing I also really liked about this class were the Discussion...