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Great people are talking about their personal problems their pain with a host to care about them with an audience to share their feelings. But the British used to be known as a reserved, unemotional nation, the people who never reveal feelings lonely public

Has smth changed in their emotional climate or were we wrong all along about the British and their feelings?

In today’s program we are going to look at some language which suggest that perhaps the way we deal with our feelings really has changed. I talk to Nick? , a journalist who writes in The Observer Newspaper about some of the phrases used in the media to try to define these new Btitish attitudes.

1/18 More interesting phrases around in emotion literacy which a lot of writes in Britain take terribly seriously and Princess Diana’s death changed the way Britain behaves

the British style is no longer

and it’s properly good thing . The problem with the new emotional literacy is a great, great mine or humbugs

talking emotionally it’s far harder for someone else to challenge you may be you are talking you could say suddenly oh you know I can’t argue because this person’s emotion obviously sincere he or she finish getting out this word

2/10 Let’s see expression emotional literacy came up later in a conversation I had with Clair Rayner. She is a broadcaster and writer and she is also Britain’s favorite agony aunt, she has a column, it’s called The problem page in which she replies to readers through writer because they are having personal difficulties

2/30 Emotional literacy rather I think we have, many people have, not only in Britain. In another places where people are speaking English – America, Australia, New Zealand. There has been tendency eloquent about the things, about what we do to be very, very . So to be emotionally say: I feel angry, I feel sad, I feel happy, which is a very . I think it’s a quite good thing.

3/07 This emotional literacy may be good for us but it ? wasn’t part...

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