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Cause 1 insufficient funds:

Challenges of Starting a New Business

By Carrie Langstroth 2009

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Lack of funds: Most small startup businesses are extensively dependent on personal savings as they do not generally get funds from external sources. Since most young entrepreneurs do not have substantial savings to invest, their business kick starts slowly. The lack of funds also limits business plans. Those who love to be their own boss, despite having low capital, focus on businesses that do not require substantial startup capital, such as Internet marketing and home-based businesses.

Cause 2 Far from shopping center:

Auto Transport - Problems and Solutions

By Scott Chin 2009

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Some of the problems that you may find when its time to ship your vehicle is pickup/drop off schedules, price, off route transport, and communications. When a transport truck is traveling hundreds of miles it is very hard to set a exact time for pickup/drop off. It takes the smallest problem to throw everything off. A flat tire, mechanical issue, or traffic jam can throw off a scheduled pickup easily.

Your employees are one of your company’s greatest assets. What they say about your company, how they act in the workplace, and how happy they are in their roles all impact on your brand, your image, your levels of service and ultimately your customers’ satisfaction. B2B Marketing recently published an article entitledBRANDING: Motivating employees to be your ‘brand carriers’. The article, which is shown below, makes interesting reading.

Many B2B companies have gone through mergers and takeovers, with the associated churn in staff, sense of insecurity, loss of implicit knowledge and know-how… So, more than ever, B2B companies need to re-address the way they interact with theiremployees. Positive...