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Advantage and disadvantage of democracy

Is democracy a possible form of government? Without it the world would be full of chaos and injustice. Democracy is the form of government that we today. We are able to vote on whom we want to run our government. We have a say in what goes on in our lives and our future. Imagine not being able to vote for who controls your country. If we did not have a say in how the country is ran that would not be fair. What kind of rules would be set up if the government were a dictatorship, oligarchy, or even anarchy? I believed that it would not be fair.

Today we are able to vote on who controls our government. We have a say and the right to vote on what laws are passed. If the government was a dictatorship imagine having some ruler just taking control of the government and the current leader choosing who will rule after they passed away. You have to follow what the ruler decides, even though it may not benefit you.

A dictator makes decisions that would benefit him and he does not take into consideration how that law will affect the citizens of that country. We have so many advantages having Democracy as our form of government. Like, everyone gets a fair trial if committed of crime; all people are equal before the law and etc. When our government has to make a decision on something many people are in on the law making process. Although this process takes a long time we can be sure that it is thought threw very well. the disadvantage of having a democratic country are people who vote for the sake of it that are not informed of what they are doing can be contributing to the wrong government, donkey votes which do not count ruin everything and etc.

Democracy has been practiced in different ways and in different contexts. We believe there are core universal democratic values and aspirations that we all share, which transcend our differences, even though we live in different cultures, speak different languages, and eat