Analyzing Messages

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The sill to create, send, and receive messages requires responsiveness and correct dialogue by both the sender of the message and the recipient of the message. The sender of the message must be attentive of the message climate that has be composed. The recipient of the message must be open to the message that was sent. Effective communications between the sender and the recipient is crucial when working with electronic communications. How a message is sent affects how the recipient comprehends the intended message.

The purpose of Message one was to inform the employees of the company about a potential problem with incoming and outgoing mail. In the message the sender wanted to send out a reminder to all of the company’s employees regarding the proper procedures that needed to be used when sending or receiving mail. In the message the sender discussed how the company was potentially missing important information because of the lack of proper labeling of mail. However, with this message acting as a business message there were a few spelling and grammatical errors in it that could cause an employee not to follow what was conveyed by the sender.

The purpose of message two was sent out to area leaders of the company to inform them that they needed to make sure that their countries had their tables set up and ready for their customers by the end of the day. The sender of the message made sure that if there were any problems with setting up the tables that the leaders could help talk them through the problem and help to ensure that the customers could use the tables. In replying to this message I would respond in the following way:

To: Henry

Subject: Deadlines


I have checked in with my Wave 4a countries and verified that they have completed their Local Table Setups. I informed each country that if they had any problems setting these up that they go to the UB Scenarios Database and use the HRIS Conversion Checkout in the Scenarios section for...