Texas Historical Marker Project

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The state of Texas is filled with many historical markers that remind us of the people that fought to make Texas the place it is today. Texas is a very diverse state when we research it historically. The markers I chose tell the story of the men and women who served in the Texas Revolution and Native Americans that traveled through Texas leaving their mark by making trails; the same trails would later be taken by soldiers of the Texas Revolution and explorers. These markers are important because of the bravery and heroism these people have shown to make Texas a better place. Markers along the highways and roads that we travel on everyday are full of history; these markers remind us of how history has impacted the lives we live today. Texas might not be what it is today if it was not for the brave men and women of history that fought for what were right.

James Bradford Pier Intersection of Travis St. and Nelsonville Rd. 6360

The James Bradford Pier marker is located in the town of Kenney in Austin County. The J.B. Pier marker was erected in 1985 and is approximately eighteen inches by forty-two inches in size. J.B. Pier was born in 1813 in Ohio and died in 1888 in Texas. He proudly served in the Texas Revolution and as a county official throughout his life. Pier moved to Texas with his wife to a town near Travis, Texas. J.B. Pier served in the Texas Army during the War of Independence. He also served as a guard in the Battle of San Jacinto. Later in his life he pursued his own interests such as farming and teaching. Before Pier died he served as Justice of the Peace and a Postmaster in Austin County.


Cherokee Trace US 80 at intersection w/FM3272 in 9939

White Oak west of Longview

The Cherokee Trace marker is located in the city of Longview in Gregg County. The marker was erected in 1967 and is eighteen inches by twenty-eight...