Psychology Themes

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Positive Psychology Themes


Positive Psychology Themes

The central themes and strategies of positive psychology that I understand them to be are that of why does human behavior vary from each individual and how that behavior is controlled through their thoughts, actions, feelings and behaviors. Why do some people have a greater sense of freedom, choice, control, and a willingness to change their behavior and life around them than others? This goes with the themes and strategies, I believe, of the entity and incremental theories which is an area that individuals may define their intelligence to be. Another theme is that of autonomy and to what extent their level of autonomy is. Change is an inherent trait that everyone is capable of achieving with a lot of determination and effort. People can either change things in their life or except them as they are. How an individual takes control of their life and how they limit that control and to what extent that control plays in their life. Some individuals may feel that they control their lives where others may feel that others control theirs which is that of the internal and external locus of control. Another theme is that of biological and environmental constraints and what role do they play on an individual’s behavior, willingness to change and their sense of freedom to make choices. Which may contribute to an individuals values and personal growth and how that affects their initiative to take control of the choices and changes they make or not.