Cheating and Dishonesty in School

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I think that Lucy was wrong and she violated the Cromwell Honesty Policy. Lucy obtained material that was not meant for her to use.

The Cromwell Honesty Policy says that cheating includes ‘Using information or devices that are not allowed by the faculty member.’ Lucy committed this violation when she read the essay question atop the copy of the exam left on the copy machine and she then used the copy of the exam to study for her exam.

Lucy accidentally saw the copy of the exam for her class and she knew that she would use it, and she knew she was cheating. The reason Lucy used the test copy was because she had to pass to stay at Cromwell College. Her parents already threatened her, that is she didn’t do well in her classes, then she would have to leave Cromwell and go home, and attend a local college and live with her parents.

Lucy is guilty of violating the Cromwell Honesty Policy, because she used the copy of the test to help her get a better grade in her class which she was failing. When a student enrolls in at a university/college, they sign a pledge that the student will obey the laws of that school. It’s a black and white situation, that you either don’t cheat or you do, and if you do, you suffer the consequence given to you as punishment.

At any higher learning institution, academic dishonesty is taken very seriously. I think that it is the moral responsibility of the student to do the right thing and not cheat.