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McDonald's Marketing Serves up Global and Local Profits

Shayla A. Canty

Webster University

1. What role do opinion leaders play in McDonald’s marketing?

Opinion leaders are members of an informal group who provide information about a particular topic. Word of mouth is the most influential way to spark consumer interest and trust in a company’s brand. However, the trick is to find the how to find opinion leaders to adopt your brand for promotion. McDonalds has successfully used opinion leaders to promote its brand through the most influential group of people--moms or Mom’s Quality Correspondents as noted in the article. The company allows these six moms to look around, ask questions and video tape what they see and learn from their visits McDonald’s headquarters, suppliers’ facilities, and individual stores. Afterwards, the moms share uncensored blogs and videos about their experiences on digital networks. Moms are typically considered agents of a credible source who understands the needs the community. By allowing the Mom’s Quality Correspondents to post their experiences across various networks, McDonalds is able to reinforce their brand and establish credibility of their products. The company is using moms as a patronage motive to influence the attitudes of other moms. If moms have positive attitude towards the company, they will be more likely to think of McDonald when other moms are looking for positive alternatives for their families.

2. How is McDonalds using marketing to spark learning and positive attitudes toward its brand and offerings?

“Deeply rooted in the community” is the slogan you will find on McDonald’s 365Black website. In the text, learning refers to the changes in an individual’s thought processes and behavior caused by information and experience. The 365Black website is marketed to attract attention from the African American subculture. McDonalds is appealing the African American culture and struggle to establish...