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Race in My Community

Quiana Fitzgerald


Race in My Community

Every country, state, city, and county consists of a lot of individuals who have their own personal beliefs, traditions, cultures, and ethnicity to make up a diverse community. Although I have not travel to every state, or city, I have traveled to some of different states throughout my years of life. I spent some of my childhood living in a established community located in North Carolina. Where we moved it was a tight closed family community we were quickly accepted into the quiet community. When I graduated from high school I met my fiancé and my life was about change. I had moved numerous times and experiencing what the world had to offer it was amazing. Due to my fiancé’s military life, I experienced the northern lifestyle, very busy areas, city life, and upstate areas. I quickly learned that things in life are not always what you think they should be. The people I have met while living in different states, and the different communities, were very experiencing and challenging.

For the past seven months my fiancé and I have resided in Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk is a the second largest behind Virginia Beach .The year of 2000 the population was 234,403, whites 113,358, blacks103,387,Native or Pacific Islander 251 ,Asians 6,593, Hispanic 8,915 that the city consisted of. I experienced everyday life in Norfolk I feel that Whites are the dominant race. For example, within our neighborhood they are approximately six other families that are Blacks and Hispanics and the others are Whites. The facts states to a recent study given by City-Data (2000),received in( 2011) it was shown that nearly 66% of the population is White, 13% claim Hispanic, Blacks are 30% almost are Lighter Black Americans have the complexion of Indians. With an African American descent, I am a light skin complexion that differs from many of the people...