Should Credit Card Companies Market on College Campuses?

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Should Credit card companies market on College campuses?

In this day and time credit card debt is something that most of us are struggling with and trying to get out of.

One college campuses college students are face with credit card companies marketing their services to them on campus. This is something that should not be taking place on college campuses at all. These students are in school to learn and to get and education. Most of them are still young and do not know or are not responsible enough to handle the responsibilities of having a credit card. When students that are in college get credit cards they usually abuse them and end up in debt because they do not have the money at the end of the month to pay the bill that is owed. College students should only have to concentrate on school, not how they are going to pay for this bill and that bill. I feel that credit card companies are putting college students in a bad place to potentially be in debt by the time the graduate college.

Some ways that these credit card companies attract these students to be interested in applying for their credit cards. They sometimes put the logo of the college or university on the card and they also give away prizes to the students just for signing up with their company. There is an article in the USA Today called “Credit cards go after college students” This article was published in 2008 and the author is Kathy Chu. She states in the article that a study released by the US public Interest Research shows that 76% of students say that credit cards have been marketed to them at booths or tables set up on campus or near by. Also nearly a third of them say that they were offered gifts to sign up, the most common is a t-shirts, hats or maybe some type of electronics like ipods. These things catches the students eyes and persuades them to sign up. Now the scary part about this is that the Universities actually have contracts with these companies to have...