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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) is a bacteria that is tough against most antibiotics. The bacteria that is know as MRSA causes infections to any part of the body. The infections varies from where you are infected. It is also known as staph infection. A common place to get MRSA is in the hospital. You can get MRSA through touching someone who has MRSA or touch something that someone touch that had MRSA. The most vulnerable person to get this type of staph infection are people who just got surgery, people who are at the hospital, people who are in nursing homes and people with an already weak immune system.

MRSA is one of the worst type of staph infections. Most people carry a type of staph infection and not be infected. 25% to 30% of people have staph bacteria up our noses. Most staph infection except MRSA can be treated with antibiotics. MRSA is very catch able and has spread to cats and dogs. So one way I believe to prevent the spread is to wash hands and make sure you clean you wounds if you have any. Keep them covered if you do go outside. There have been sightings of MRSA bacteria with in sand on the beach.

Most infections of the body, make the body send out antibodies to fight the infection and break down. When MRSA infects the body it sends out protein called, Efb that changes the shape of the bodies protein and makes it harder for the body to break down the protein that MRSA gives off. My sister contracted MRSA when she was in hospital and spread to my mother and then to my father. They were lucky that is was mild version of MRSA but now they are carries of the bacteria.

There are some antibiotics that slows the progress of the MRSA bacteria but to make sure it does not get immune to the antibiotics. You must finish the regiment of the antibiotics that the doctor has proscribed to you, even if the symptoms have faded. MRSA can affect health people as well as the sick and old. Those who are carries of MRSA if they...