About E Insurance.

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Basically it is a search engine that will look for the cheapest insurance for our needs whether it is Life insurance or buildings and contents insurance the system will allow us to apply online. It can be broadly defined as the application of Internet and related information technologies (IT) to the production and distribution of insurance services. In a narrower sense, it can be defined as the provision of an insurance cover whereby an insurance policy contracted online. Recent developments in information technology (IT) and web-enabled systems have made it easier for insurers to run global operations. Insurers are already reaping advantages from IT improvements in internal efficiencies in areas as diverse as underwriting, claims, policy administration, financial reporting and human resources. But efficiencies go beyond these internal ones. In the coming years, the internet will have at least two major effects on the insurance industry: cost efficiencies and broader distribution. These efficiencies will come as insurers experience a greater availability of data from the internet and the transfer of business processes from manual-related or computer-related systems to newer communication related systems.



e-SCM: impact of internet in Supply Chain Management

E-SCM may be described as the integrated management approach for planning and controlling the flow of materials from suppliers to end users using Internet technologies.It refers the complex network of relationships that organizations maintain with trading partners to source, manufacture and deliver products. One of the most recent applications of computer technology involves the Internet in the area of information...