Sia Corp Case

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SIA Corporation Case:


- SIA employees see that techonology enhancement thru knowledge-sharing system within their organization will be a threat for them in loosing their jobs.

- Employees think that sharing of knowledge with colleagues is not for the best interest of everyone in the organization.

- Highly specialized knowledge was kept by each individual for job security purposes since plenty of lay off are happening within the insurance industry.

Key Objectives:

- To make employees take part in the new system being implemented by the organization.

- To improve knowledge sharing within the organization.

- To make employees feel that the directives is for the benefits of all employees and not for the company’s interest.

Alternative Courses of Action:

- Meet with each Department Heads and encourage them that this new system will make each individual lives easier.

- Do informational campaign to the whole organization, set expectations and FAQs regarding this new system.

- Seek for Management’s approval to inform employees that this new system will not be the approach to use for minimizing /lay off of employees but instead will help everyone make their jobs easier, at the same time, will improve employees knowledge within the organization.


- I recommend that for the company to be able to implement this new knowledge system, Management should do an Informational campaign first within the organization ensuring that this is just a part of the learning organization that the company is driving and not as a lay off strategies for its employees. This way, employees will have a sense of security with their jobs. At the same time, sharing of knowledge within the organization will strenghten and give opportunities to everyone who’s eyeing for a position to other departments as well. This will create awareness and knowledge transfer within the organization.


- I can say that...