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To stay competitive, Pizza Hut looked to appeal to a wider base, launching new marketing vehicles and products that adhere to the sensibilities of both younger and older consumers. This past year Pizza Hut has experimented with its brand by replacing "Pizza Hut" on take-out boxes with "The Hut," and by pushing the quality of its product and natural ingredients and adding more pasta options to the menu as meal-replacement solutions at home. The marketer has also introduced an extensive series of social media and nontraditional media programs. For its social-media strategy, Pizza Hut implemented a broad-ranging program across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And now, Pizza hut established a Facebook fan page that included an application to order pizzas without having to leave the site.

Nowadays, many companies advertise to accomplish a variety of goals and one of those is Pizza hut. It is a natural tendency for consumer to buy a product again only if it meets the standard since advertising does inform and persuade. Many of us are not aware that Pizza hut market is no longer growing because fast food rivals cut prices and investment in new outlets was draining corporate resources. But still, Pizza hut is making new way of advertising their products and as a students that taking up managerial course the researchers

conduct this study to know if a business like Pizza hut will make headway by using different kinds of advertisements. Are these advertisements can make an impact to the consumers?

This research is conducted as the researchers want to determine the impacts of Advertisements to the consumers. To know the preferences of consumers so that in future we, the researchers and soon to be managers can serve them in a more satisfactory way in improving advertisements.

Background of the Study

Pizza Hut, home to the country’s Pinaka – pizza, was started in 1958 by two...