History of Honda

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We see the world not as it is, but as it could be’ - a conviction that drives Honda Motor Company to its unparalleled and unequalled success.

‘The power of dreams’ is what really led Soichiro Honda to conceive this company. Dedicated to excellence and creation of innovative products to enhance human mobility, over the years, Honda has added quite a many laurels to its prestigious brand of cars. Today, Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and has wowed the automobile industry with its quality offerings in the four-wheeler segment like Honda City, Honda Civic, Honda Accord and Honda CRV. However, you need to understand that the supreme empire, which stands today, was not born in a day. It took Soichiro Honda, its founder, the valor to not just dream but implement it as well, to realize this achievement. Read on to know more interesting and amazing Information on origin and background of this automobile giant- Honda.

Interesting & Amazing Information On Origin & Background Of Honda

The inimitable success of Honda was nothing short of a dream come true for its inceptor, Soichiro Honda, the brain that steered Honda to its glorious feat. A fanatic racer, an ace entrepreneur and a huge inspiration for all who dare to dream, it was this man, who with his sheer ingenuity, offered the world a more pocket friendly mode of transportation, giving the country its first economical two-wheeler bike. In the year 1949, Honda came out with its first D-Type Dream and that marked the beginning of the glorious enterprise.

Soichiro Honda worked as a mechanic at a Japanese tuning shop where he tuned cars and entered them for races. A self-learned engineer, he assiduously worked to develop improved piston rings for Toyota. Though his designs were rejected, he was not the one to take a no. He conscientiously worked to improve his designs and finally won a contract with Toyota. He put up a factory to manufacture piston rings for Toyota, which was destroyed...