Plan for Positive Influence

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Running Head: A Plan for Influence

A Plan for Positive Influence

University of Phoenix Online

August 1, 2011

A Plan for Positive Influence

In today’s global business environment where diversity is prominent it can be challenging to increase employee satisfaction, motivate team members and increase performance because experience, personalities and backgrounds are so different. Team members require different motivational techniques and if managed correctly could increase an employee’s job involvement and in turn improve organizational commitment. According to Robbins and Judge, (2011), there is a direct correlation between organizational commitment and increased productivity on the job.

The challenge is figuring out how to work together successfully with various team members to increase satisfaction and productivity. Managers need to know which team members would best be fit to carry out certain tasks and how to rewarding team member for their accomplishments? The first step is to find out what type of personalities the individual team members have and based on that what determine what drives them. Managers can learn a large amount of information and how to work better with their team and how team members can work better with each other by using self-assessments. Self-assessments help you to understand who and how to conduct yourself more prudently and productively by teaching how to focus on your goals instead of your fears (Disc behavioral assessment, 2011). Management can use these assessments to more effectively manage teams by developing and using more of each team members natural strengths, while recognizing, improving upon and modifying their limitations (Disc behavioral assessment, 2011).

Team Assessments

The EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Team members took a series of self-assessments that asked questions to determine behavioral type and job performance. These assessments gave the EMR Team members key information to determine how to...