Business Writing Portfolio

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Business Writing Portfolio

Janelle Brown

COM 285

April 25, 2011


Business Writing Portfolio

“Business Writing Steps”

Public Relations Manager

* Draft Planning

* Examine the issue, outlining your resolution, and consider the audience.

* Discover what you want to compose.

* Gather material from several sources (internet, books, or people).

* Choose the method in which to establish the text with a summary or outline.

* Writing the Communication

* Begin writing

* Review drafts

* Review Incomplete notes

* Revising

* Assess the information based on the goals.

* Make sure the audience understands it

* Make sure the information is complete.

* Read out loud for advice.

* Enhance, remove, change, or reorganize.

• Editing the draft

* Review draft for inaccuracies, spelling, and contentment.

• Write the final paper

* Not every stage is used to finalize the paper.

* Stages do not necessarily need to be in order.

* One stage does not need to be finished in order to begin the next.

Chicago, IL 60606

April 25, 2011

ShopSmart (business letter)

159 Aegean Way. Suite 160

Chicago, IL 60606

Dear Managers,

The stores are functioning inside anticipations and generating great profits for the stakeholders. The stakeholders as you may know are you the managers, employees, and the community. In order to preserve all anticipations we are required to change business operations due to the struggle mounting gas prices. This might seem as if the business is dropping in sales and might bankrupt, however the exciting news is that we are determined to keep every store open for business. The decision we have decided to take in order to stay open for business is by adjusting store hours and operations. This will permit us to keep all stores open and there will be no opportunity for increasing at this time.