Personality Reflection

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Personality Reflection

Bahiyyah Shabazz


August 03, 2011

Dr. Renee Jeffery

Personal Reflection

Personality is a character trait that is examined all over the world. As a form of psychology, personality is looked upon as the nature of the “self”. It is considered one’s uniqueness as a person, in regards to how and why individuals behave as they do. To help with understanding the complete nature of and individual, there are eight important key aspects that provide and insight on personality. What you think you possess and the same personality is a result of what others see.

The first key aspect affects the individual by “unconscious forces” that are not in touch with its awareness. For instance, one may repeat what a parent used to say or do to them without realizing the interest to resemble that parent.

The second aspect affects the individual by “ego forces” that renders a sense of identity. This force allows the individual to maintain status of skill and consistency in their behavior.

The third aspect lists a person as having a “biological being” that includes a distinct genetic, physical, temperamental and physiological nature. Throughout millions of years of existence, each individual still maintain a unique biological system.

The fourth aspect subjects people to being conditioned and molded by the activities and environments surrounding them. Generally speaking, sometimes a person’s surroundings may teach them to react in certain ways other than their expected culture; therefore, it’s the same as the old saying goes, you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

Similar to the fourth aspect, the...