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The Best Day of My Life

I have had a lot of great weeks, vacations, months and even years. I have had a lot of special and fun days but I picked this day because I learned and experienced a lot of new things. The best day of my life was when I went to the circus school, Eaton centre, and ice skating ring on my grade 8 graduation trip, in Quebec Montreal. the day was full of excitement and surprise. I was experiencing new things from start to finish. The day started with a boom!

I heard a loud boom and three more followed I checked the time it was nine am. I woke up my friends and they checked where the booms were coming from it was my teacher trying to wake us up. We got dressed took our showers and rushed downstairs to eat, shortly after we got on the bus. The teachers changed our plans and told us were going to circus school, so we headed off to circus school at about 10:30 am.

When we got to circus school there was two other grade eight classes there. We got split up into six different groups; each group was assigned to a station. The six stations were trampoline, tight rope, juggling and climbing the fabric. Also there were two other stations where we balanced on wheels and jumped over obstacles. My favourite station was the trampoline, because we learn how to do tricks and flips on the trampoline. We left at 12:30 to go to the Eaton centre.

When I and my class got to the Eaton centre, we ate our lunch and went shopping. My friends and I went to a MMA and boxing store, one of the workers taught us how to train like a champ. We used the heavy bag, double end bag and teardrop. After we left the store we got lost it toke us a half an hour to get back to bus. When we got on the bus we had to go back to the hotel to get ready for skating and dinner.

When we got to the hotel and ate dinner a few of my friends and I were coming down in the elevator to go to the bus. We got on the a ground floor we heard a weird noise, after a few seconds we found out we were...