Super Size Me Video Discussion

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Video discussion

Super Size Me

1. What impact has the movie made on you? What is one thing that really sticks in your mind about the movie?

2. Do you believe the fast food industry is partly responsible for the weight problem in America?

3. Did this movie change your opinion of the food industry? Did it change your opinion regarding marketing or the general health of America?

4. In your opinion, what could be done in the schools to help improve America's health?

In seeing this assignment, I figured it would be easy because I had already seen the movie “Super Size Me” before. I thought about not watching the movie again and just answering one of the questions for the assignment off of memory but then thought better of it and watch the movie one day after work. It was pretty cool to see in the beginning of the movie how Morgan did the same baseline assessment for his fitness that I did at the beginning of this class. This movie did make a big impact on me. I don’t go to fast food restaurants very often but when I did go, I didn’t think that I was eating that bad. It’s crazy to find out that there are only a few items on the McDonald’s menu that don’t contain sugar and sugar turns into fat in your body. The one thing that really sticks out in my mind is at the end of the movie it talked about the new premium salads McDonalds was introducing and how including the packet of salad dressing that the salad had has many calories as a Big Mac and half of someone’s need for fat for the day. It crazy how they add “healthy” alternative that aren’t really healthy at all!