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In Times Like these is a song by Kid Rock, it is more than just a piece of entertainment, because he tells of the economic hard times, the beauty of Michigan and the tenacity of its people, it gives the people of Michigan a hope that he believes the state can once again be viable, and the rough times make the people of Michigan who they are.

Kid Rock is a famous Michigander; he loves Detroit, Michigan and the blue collar working man. His songs not only provide encouragement for the people of Michigan, but he tells others through his gift of song that the people of Michigan/Detroit are not as bad as some of the media has made us out to be. Kid Rock tells how beautiful the state is with its many lakes, rivers and forest. Michiganders maybe down on our luck, with high unemployment, and the misfortune of the auto industry but as Kid points out in his song In These Times, we have tenacity that will prevail and we will bring our state back to a viable contributing influence for the whole country. Kid Rock likens the concrete and steel of Detroit to the people who live there, that they are strong and can stand up to the winds of change. Kid Rock is a voice for Michigan, he tours all over and still stays loyal to Michigan, he always comes home and he sings songs about the state. Because he is such a huge star, people listen to him and respect some of his view points. Kid Rock is able to put his message out through song which gives some people another way to relate to what is going on in the world around them.