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Upon entering the world babies have a lack of knowledge, but eventually will gain this aspect overtime. Babies will mature into children, teenagers and then into adults. It is from the onset of childhood were a child starts gaining knowledge and grasping concepts. Due to this factor, what is done and said in front of children is very important. They are at a point in their lives were they are learning and will mimic what they see, whether it is good or bad. Children are like play dough; they will only be molded into what you want them to be.

It is imperative that people watch what they do in front of children. Don’t let their innocence fool you into believing that they are not paying attention to what is going on around them. Some people take it for granted that children are in their prime of learning. However, they will take in any and everything that is going on in their surroundings. Furthermore, children will say or do the craziest things at times. Occasionally at times that are embarrassing to an adult. This is an example that shows or proves that children are taking in what’s going on around them. Although they may not do or say it when they are first embraced with it.

At such a young age children will only mimic and portray things that have been embedded in them, not only by adults but by young adults as well. You do not want your child or any child molded into the wrong thing because you failed to take the time out. Take the time out to mold children into something beautiful as they are on the outside in the inside as well. Highlight beautiful qualities such as character, intelligence, social behavior and all that comes with molding a child to the best of one’s abilities. Children are like play doe; they will only be molded into what you want them to be. So watch what you do and say around them. Take the time out to teach them instead of allowing them to teach themselves and be completely socialized by their surroundings.

As children...