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MGT 445 Final Exam

All of the questions come from your textbook, “Negotiation,” by Lewicki, Barry, and Saunders. Each question is worth 2.5 points.

Please post your completed exam in your assignments folder.

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Fill in the Blank Questions

1. The term ____________ is used to describe the competitive, win-lose situations such as haggling over price that happens at yard sale, flea market, or used car lot

2. Whether you should or should not agree on something in a negotiation depends entirely upon the attractiveness to you of the best available _________.

3. Two of the dilemmas in mutual adjustment that all negotiators face are the dilemma of ____________ and the dilemma of ____________.

4. ____________ ____________ is a conflict situation wherein parties seek their own advantage through tactics including concealing information, attempting to mislead or using manipulative actions.

5. Successful integrative negotiation requires that the negotiators search for solutions that meet the ____________ and ____________ of both (all) sides.

6. Effective ____________ exchange promotes the development of good integrative solutions.

7. The ____________ step is often the most difficult step in the integrative negotiation process.

8. For integrative negotiation to succeed, the parties must be motivated to ____________ rather than to compete.

9. ____________ strategies tend to create "we-they" or "superiority-inferiority" patterns, which often lead to distortions in judgment regarding the other side's contributions and efforts, and to distortions in perceptions of the other side's values, needs and positions.

10. The more resources a given potential partner brings to a coalition or the greater variety in resources or types of inputs, the more that partner can add to the coalition, and the more ____________ he or she will have in contributing to the coalition and dictating what the coalition should look...