Expanding Internationally to Australia

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SCK Battery, Inc.

Headquarters: 123 E. Main Street

Detroit, Michigan


Stephen Campbell-King


HRM-350 International Human Resource Management

Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Economic Background 3

Population Growth 5

Aging Population 5

Immigration 6

Language 6

Education System 6

Culture 7

Political Structure 7

Labor Overview 8

Conclusion 13

References 14


The automotive battery market is becoming increasingly popular and lucrative, as auto buyers are demanding more fuel-efficient vehicles and technological advances and scale have led to less expensive manufacturing. Auto manufacturers are employing the use of hybrid gas-electric technology to achieve these new demands. Currently, most hybrid vehicles use a relatively cheaper battery made of nickel metal hydride. When compared to the nickel metal hydride battery, the lithium battery has a much lower self-discharge rate, greater energy density (in terms of both weight and volume), far better low-temperature performance, a greater maximum number of charge/discharge cycles. Due to the advancement of battery technology, the cost to manufacture lithium batteries has been greatly reduced.

SCK Battery, Inc. is quickly growing with these advancements in technology. Our current operations in Detroit, Michigan have involved manufacturing all types of batteries from small watch batteries to large lithium batteries. Only recently have we begun to build lithium batteries large enough for use in hybrid gas-electric vehicles. We have recently entered into a contract with General Motors to provide our lithium batteries to them. The batteries will be installed in their new highly publicized hybrid vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt. Production begins for the 2012 model year in the next several weeks. These new vehicles are currently being assembled by General Motors here in Detroit. We currently have the capacity in our Detroit facility to fulfill our...