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Jeffrey Prost- Greene

Denise Warren

College Writing

April 2, 2009

Annotated Bibliography

McAlister, Pam, Death Defying; Dismantling the Execution Machinery in the 21st Century; Continuum Publishing, New York, New York, 2003.

 In this book McAlister discusses in depth the meaning of the institutionalized death penalty. This book provides a complex and new view of capital punishment. Death defying shows how there is a natural desire for revenge in a world of terror and that we must stop this cycle of revenge and killing if humanity wants to progress.

Scheck, Barry, Neufeld, Peter, Actual Innocence, Doubleday, New York, 2000.

  “Actual Innocence” by Barry Scheck is an unbelievable gripping novel about the truth behind our criminal system and how using capital punishment is not the answer. He uses real stories to convey the true flaws in the criminal system. Yet, he also shows how society and science has come far and that DNA testing is a valid test for someone’s innocence, but may not always be correct.

American Civil Liberties Union: Death Penalty 101.  

This is an article that discussed the current statistics behind the Death Penalty. It shows how the number of death penalties a year is continually decreasing in a time when the murder rate remains the same. It discussed very generally a case or two about how certain defense is needed in order for someone to obtain the death penalty. This article shows that society is somewhat slowing down on the death penalty’s they give out but there are still many areas of concern such as the economy.

40% on Death Row are Black People, New Figures Show: New York, 1991.

This brief, yet detailed article debates race very strongly and how it plays a role in capital punishment. Statistics came out and it showed that African Americans make up a much larger share of death- row inmates than of the nation’s population. It seems as if...