The Children's Internet Protection Act 2000

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Children’s Internet Protection Act 2000

BIS 220

The Children's Internet Protection Act, 2000

The Children’s Internet Protection Act 2000 is designed to protect children from sexual and other offensive content found over the internet. The internet has been used to relay adult based information for a long time now. The growing appeal of the internet and its frequent use by children necessitated protection measures. The exposure of children to inappropriate content at the wrong age is known to affect children’s development. Content inappropriate for children audiences has and is being published in large numbers due to ease offered by various technological advances. Most of these innovations are closely related to information technology and are analyzed below as per their contribution to ethical issues that necessitated the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

Before the advent of the of the internet the dissemination of information was largely carried out by print and electronic media of the form of newspapers, journals, magazines, books, radio shows, television shows and the like. The people who contributed to these mediums were numbered and well regulated by government organizations as well as volunteer community groups. This ensured that adult material or other offensive material was largely restricted to a few publications that were well controlled. The internet is a different story altogether. The internet has enabled almost anyone with a personal computer to create any kind and amount of information. This information can be published instantly to online sources such as websites, blogs, social networking sites and the like. The rapid and unabated increase of publishers in the cyber domain means that it is not hard but rather impossible to regulate the myriad activities occurring online. Hence, the internet offers an online domain where anyone can publish anything.

Another related perspective for ethical considerations is revealed when...