Case Study of Cellphone Addiction

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Case Study


Study of Mobile Phone Usage Among the Teenagers And Youth In



Maria Jojie R Reyes

BSBA Marketing Management 2-3

August to September 2011



Sr. No. | Particulars | Page No. |

I. | Background | 3 |

II. | Scope | 4 |

III. | Methodology | 5 |

IV. | Limitations | 6 |

V. | Detailed Research Findings | 8-25 |

VI. | Annexure * Annexure A: What is SEC? * Annexure B: Questionnaire | ------ |

VII. | Bibliography | --- |



In February 2004, a paper titled ‘Mobile Phones and Youth: A look at the U.S. student

market’ was presented in the ITU/MIC Workshop on Shaping The Future for The Mobile

Information Society. It was based on a survey, a primary research study, which was

undertaken as a part of the case studies programme managed by Ms. Lara Srivastava of

the ITU. The study was primarily designed to explore the relationships between gender,

age, behavioral trends and mobile phone usage patterns of teenagers and young people, in the age group 12-29 years. Besides depicting the U.S. market, this paper also provides some international perspectives from Japan, China, Australia, United Kingdom and Italy.

This paper, is an attempt to replicate the study in the Philippines context in order

to arrive at the current trends, where mobile telephony seems to have made

an immense impact.


• To study the attitude of teenagers and youth, age group 15-30 years, towards cellular phones.

• Enumerate the usage patterns and arrive at peculiarities, gender-wise or age-wise, if any.

• Examine the way young people relate to the functionality of mobile phones as well as assess observable phenomena.

• Detail and document their triggers for purchase and influencers at the time of purchase.

• Investigate their awareness with regards to the recent launches of mobile handsets in

the market.

• Understand their perceptions for issues like medical side effects and privacy