The Novel as an Instrument of Reform

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Most novels are written simply to entertain and amuse but some have a more serious purpose. If that purpose is made too obvious, however , the novels fits both as fiction and as propaganda. The readers of fiction have usually some underlying and obvious purpose to go through any novel . most readers read because of amusement and fun , some read to kill the time , where as some find it learn life , its ways and means from reading a novel.

Novels have plots which means sequence of incidents and events happened in order to develop the story. Novels have characterization which causes to the most important element in the success of any novel. Characterization is the selection of characters through which a novelists want to convey its message. There is also a theme in the novel which is the driving force in the novel because a novel with theme is like a list of items or accumulation of short notes it is therefore novels are said to present the events of day today life.

There are incidents and events which are taken from day today events and reader find himself to guided a great deal by reading a novel. I think novels redeem people from worries and anxieties of day today life and provides a lollypop to enjoy with amusement and patience.

Reading novels affect the personality of a person so much so that he acts prudently and patiently. People make a great deal of reformation by reading novels.