My Hobbies

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My Hobbies

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My Hobbies

Some people think that hobbies are just something people do to pass time. Some people are so confused about what hobbies are that they actually list watching TV or going to church with a hobby. But this is not a hobby. According to oxford dictionary “hobby is an activity that you do for pleasure when you are not working”. ( Watching TV may be something that you do when you are not working but hobbies go deeper than these activities that one does just to pass time.  Hobbies involve passion and enthusiasm. They are a way to delve into one’s own nature and discover something that leads to personal fulfillment.

For me the one hobby that has remained with me is reading. Many people assume that it is a boring or geeky thing for a hobby. But for me I found that reading led me to discover my power of imagination. I could traverse any part of the world, I could travel back in time or dream about the future. I could see through the eyes of a doctor or safari ranger. I could delve deep into space or travel to the center of the earth. Whenever I have free time all I need is to feel where or what I want to explore and my books take me there. Somebody has rightly said that hobby of reading is one which can lead a man towards success. (Ammon 2007)

My hobby of reading and collecting literature started at a young age. My mother was a school teacher and my father was a professor. I have always been surrounded by books and literature. When I was young my mother would read to me daily at night. My parents never went anywhere without a book. In the plane when most people would be watching movies, my father would take out his favorite book and read. My mother would take a book to my dentist appointments. (Ammon 2007) So at a very young age I learnt the real value of reading. As I grew old, although I had less time for my hobby yet...