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Learning Team Week 3

• When do problems become issues? Can the reverse also happen? Provide support for your answer.

Problems become issues when they are not addressed. When a problem is ignored it grows, that results in adding more and more to it now it is an issue not just affecting a few but many. It can be harder to solve an issue because now there are so many different ideas about it a problem could have been solved in the beginning. I believe problems become issues when it affects a person or their environment. Problems also become issue when a person is determine to find a resolution or attempt to solve the problem as a whole. It is believed that problems become issues when it affects you or your environment. Problems also become an issue when you are determine to find a resolution or attempt to solve the problem as a whole.

Another way problem become issues once you come up with solutions for those problems. Problems are not controversial but sometimes the solutions to the problem can become controversial which then turns the problem into an issue. I believe that issues can become problems. For example burning fossil fuels was an issue because some people thought it was ok and some people thought it would harm earth. It became a problem once we found out that it was causing global warming and killing people.

Yes an issue can become a problem if it affects majority of the world or your environment.

Many people struggle with trying to find the answer to a problem, creating more chaos because there is so much involved for example sunk costs. A person has a vehicle and it all of a sudden breaks down. They have invested numerous funds in making the car run. After thousands invested that person realizes they need a new car. The environment around this person may suffer if the money that was spent for the car needed to go else where such as bills, and money loaned from others. Now more people are affected and the...