Purpose of Education

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AP English III – “A” Day 2nd Block

August 29th, 2011

Purpose of Education Response

I believe the purpose of education is not to simply soak in facts or to learn as much as you can just for the sole purpose of being able to recall them or to know something. Instead, I believe the purpose of education is to try and learn about something that interests you, while trying to accomplish your goals. If you study about something that you really have a passion for and that really interests you, you will always put more effort into it then you will a subject that you just take for the grade point. A great example of this is Bill Gates, he focused on a particular area/field; computer programming and computer engineering. When he had the knowledge that he needed, and when he felt like he could succeed with what he already knew, he dropped out of college in order to give his full attention to his software and his company, Microsoft. I would also like to become a computer engineer but most of all I hope to make a change in the industry like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have done. The way I see it, the best way to get there would be to concentrate on these areas of study the most, while focusing less on other subjects needed to make it. To date, I have taken a few classes on engineering but it is becoming harder to learn about these subjects because there are fewer classes on these subjects due to budget cuts. After High school, I hope to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the best engineering school in the country, in order to learn more about computer engineering.