Friend's or Foes

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When looking at the case of “Friends or Foes” a decision must be made if sexual harassment has taken place or not, and after looking at the case carefully it is evident that David Goldman has been sexually harassed at work. Sexual harassment is violating a person’s privacy rights, and engaging in intimate communication in a manner and context that does not respect the dignity of the victim (Wall 139). Toby Warren did not show any respect for David as he ridiculed his sexuality in front of other co-workers, and clearly violated his privacy while talking about an intimate subject which David did not provide consent too. Furthermore, Toby has now created a hostile work environment, even though the co-workers laughed when Toby made his comments, some of them may have felt uneasy and uncomfortable in the situation but laughed just because others in the situation were laughing. The internal stakeholders in this case, which are the employees of GeneTech, are now in a situation where they may also be sexually harassed since it has been done to one of the employees already. External stakeholders, such as David’s partner may be distraught if David confided in him and let him know about what was going on at work. Sexual harassment can also be distinguished by intention (Wall 139). Toby’s intention was clear; it was to poke fun at David using David’s sexuality. Toby did not accidently make a joke about David; he intended to do what he did. Since sexual harassment has taken place, we must analyze the situation and see what action needs to be taken.

There are a few alternatives which we have to choose from and must make the correct decision with which to implement. The first option is what David has asked of us, and that is to nothing as he does not want to feel like he is pointed out and he is the cause whatever repercussions occur. However, simply brushing the problem under the carpet does not work. If we do not do something about this, then in a way we are endorsing this...