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Chapter One - Environment of Human Resource Management

* Discuss several areas in which HR can affect organizational culture positively or negatively.

1. Values and beliefs of an organization make up an organizational culture. This culture comprised of ethics and cultural factors. When discussed among employees the values and beliefs vary, but it should not just depend on individual belief, but on the organization as a whole values and beliefs. This can be positive factor for an organization depending on what the culture is based on.

* Give some examples of ethical issues that you have experienced in jobs, and explain how HR did or did not help resolve them.


* Why is it important for HR management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to becoming more strategic contributor?


* Assume you are an HR director with a staff of seven people . A departmental objective is for all staff members to become professionally certified within a year. Using Internet resources of HR associations such as and, develop a table that identifies four to six certifications that could be obtained by your staff members, and show the important details for each certification.


Chapter 2 – Strategic HR Management and Planning

* Discuss how technology has changed jobs in an organization where you have worked. What are some HR responses to those changes?


* What steps can HR professionals take to ensure that mergers and acquisitions are successful? How can HR help during the integration process?


* How can an organization maintain its image while dealing with a talent surplus? If layoffs are necessary , what would you recommend managers do to ensure that survivors remain committed and productive?


* AS the HR manager for a multinational corporation, you want to identify HR competencies that are critical for global companies. Visit the website for the World...