Aggressive Dogs

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Criminal Dogs

The dog has always been a faithful companion to man. From hunting to herding, they are not a part of our American way. However, people view a German Shepherd and a tea cup Chihuahua differently; believing that some dog breeds are naturally more aggressive than others. Throughout history, people have molded different dog breeds for certain tasks or entertainment. Today, the dog breeds that were used in animal fighting centuries ago now have the reputation of being an aggressive breed of dog in any circumstance.

It can be perceived that aggressiveness in a dog is the product of the environment in which that dog resided and would not be applicable to a breed as a whole. If a dog is abused and taught to be aggressive towards people and other dogs, than the dog will, indeed, be aggressive. Likewise, some dogs tend to respond aggressively with very little stimulation because of the taught temperament and gender of the dog, which have nothing to do with the breed of the dog at all (Lienden, 2005).

In society today people believe that the American Pit bull is one of the most aggressive pedigree breeds that a person can own. This statement is not true; however, it is true that they are one of the easiest breeds to be taught aggression. It is more than just the breed that produces the aggressive tendency in dogs. Three of the main triggers that generate aggressiveness in our four legged friends are the reproductive status, fear motivation and dominance ranking of the dog, all of which are found in every type of dog breed.

If a female dog has puppies, she has the instinct to protect her litter if she thinks that they are in danger, the dog may than turn aggressive to warn off any intruders. This statement is true for all female dogs no matter that the breed (Decision, 2004). Along the same lines, when a female dog goes into heat, the dog may become more aggressive towards male dogs that are potential mates. This is to ensure that the mate is strong, in...