Luray Caverns

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Adventuring to Luray Caverns

If you ever want to go see one of the most spectacular sights on the East Coast, you might want to consider traveling to Luray Caverns. After driving 61 miles though small towns, up a mountain and passed Skyline drive in the Shenandoah Valley, you will reach the building which houses the entrance to Luray Caverns.

The caverns were found in 1878 by Andrew Campbell who was actively looking for a “show cave” in which he could make a profit charging people to visit the cave. Campbell believed that there was a cave in the Shenandoah Valley region because of the vast mountain ranges and the mineral rich ground. Campbell discovered the caverns due to the fact that there were great depressions in the ground and cool air was rising up from small cracks that were connected to the cavern.

If someone were to visit Luray Caverns today, they would get the experience of seeing the largest and most popular cavern on the East Coast. This U.S. Natural Landmark has been made very visitor friendly with the convenience of a large parking lot, many gift shops, a Car & Carriage Museum and a one acre Garden Maze. All of these things are the makings for a great day trip.

After parking, you would make your way to the largest of many buildings surrounding the parking lot. Once inside the Luray Caverns Entrance building you have to stand in line to buy your ticket. Admission for adults is $18, for children $8, for senior $15, and children under six get in for free. Upon buying your ticket, you enter the main lobby of the building, where you can buy film for your camera before entering the cavern. In the rear of the building there is a line to enter the caverns which allows for one hour tours to depart every twenty minutes. The whole tour is guided along a paved walkway that is well lit and has hand rail for safety. Stepping into the passageway that leads down into the cavern, you will immediately notice a sharp change in temperature. The reason behind...