Sara Lee

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Introduction of Sara LEE.

The introduction of the case was presented very effectually/ or in a fascinating manner.

Clear flow of the presentation beforehand helped the audience know what to expect. The framework for the presentation was also discussed in advance to facilitate easier understanding.

Although, a more rational behind the company history/market position/vision, mission and governance structure of the organisation would have been more insightful.

The pace of the speaker could have been more enthusiastic and energetic to captivate the interest of the audience about the topic.

Theories and Concepts Used

The presentation kicked off with a brief overview of...

Also, .... was discussed.

The team scrutinized ... and used it to answer one of the questions for the case study.

The underpinning strategy which is evident from the business model of .... were identified and presented by the team.

The team briefed the audience about the possible ...

The team concluded that ...

...was also discussed in detail.

The team did a comprehensive evaluation of ...

The nature of Sara lee’s services being a differentiated one was outlined as a part of their strategy.

The presentation outlined the business model with the use of a SWOT

The team recommended that Sara Lee used skill sharing and cost sharing but brand sharing is difficult due to high level of brand extensions, which may confuse customers.

SWOT analysis was done to find out recommendations for Sara Lee

Strengths mentined were – strong brand and positive market in US

Strong financial position and large number of brands (68).

Weakness is higher selling, general and administrative expenses and Negative financial performance of International bakery division and many non-profitable businesses. The loss of bakery division is reducing slowly as per trends.

Opportunities for Sara Lee- growing demands for readymade food in US, forecasted growth of global retail coffee...