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Club It the Business

Club It is a high-energy and hi-impact music venue. The owners are musicians and recent college graduates. Although the owners are experienced, entrepreneurs require additional resources to be successful. Below is a brief overview of the company’s mission statement and the clientele the owners market. In addition, Club It requires a competitive strategy to address areas of improvement. Below are few of the resources the company implements along with suggestions that can improve the business’ competitive advantage.

Company Mission

Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada (business administration graduates) opened a downtown music venue named Club It. Opening a nightclub was their dream. As college musicians and business graduates, the ratio/potential is high that the owners can operate a successful business. Club It’s mission is to provide an atmosphere for the entire community that can meet regularly. Club It strives to be a high-energy and hi-impact establishment. The venue provides appetizers, beverages, all genres of music, a sizeable dance floor, and an ambience of fun and energy. Recently, the owners renovated the music venue with high tech lights, upgraded sound equipment, and installed high ceilings. The renovation increased the clientele, but the information system remains in the dark ages. To increase the profit line, the owners require updated software. In addition, Club It requires modernized information resources to increase revenue and clients.

Company’s Information Resources

Club It developed a website for employees to access personal and benefits information. The site includes current salary, bonus amounts, available vacation and sick leave, and current contact, and emergency contact information. An employee has access to the employee handbook, health and safety directives, and emergency procedures. The owners initiates employee of the month and welcomes the new employee of the team. The website provides a picture...