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Discussion Questions

1. What are the differences between IT and the transformational infrastructure technologies that preceded it?

Response: Infrastructure technologies are those over which no one vendor has ownership and those that offer more value when used in masses by sharing.

The earlier transformational infrastructure technologies mentioned in the article are Railroads, telegraph lines and Power Generators. Nicholas Carr classifies IT as the new infrastructure technology. However, according to me, IT is not exactly an infrastructure technology since it is not tangible; it is not something that can be replicated over and over again. The only reason to classify it as an infrastructure technology lies in the fact that its true value, like other infrastructure technologies, stems out of use when shared rather than in isolation and that it has become a part of general business infrastructure. However, IT involves not only the hardware and software solutions available, but the implementation of a solution to facilitate varied business requirements.

Following are some major differences between IT & the earlier infrastructure technologies:

1) IT implementation, unlike other infrastructure technologies cannot be replicated at all places. It requires different implementation as per the business requirement. The platform, technology, design and architecture everything is specific to the requirement.

2) Again, IT is highly scalable. A certain implementation can be tweaked to support various different environments.

3) Due to affordability, IT is inviting huge competition. There is no monopoly of one or two or any definite number of vendors in IT arena. Any person who has a computer with internet connection and knows the know-how of technology and programming can find clients and provide the solutions. Thus, there is fierce competition in the world of IT which is what causes innovations in technology, platform and implementation models,...

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