Oman Is Gearing Up for the Mercury Meltdown and Everywhere Air

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Keep your auto parts in top gear this summer

Oman is gearing up for the mercury meltdown and everywhere air-conditioners are working

over time to provide cooling respite from the swelter. What respite can we give our vehicles

from the harsh, unforgiving heat? Read on to find out…

The tyre, lubricants and batteries sector in Oman is going through a healthy growth curve over the last couple of years thanks to the spurt in sales of commercial as well as personal

automobiles. And in an effort to capitalise on sales opportunities, almost all leading brands of tyres, batteries and lubricants that have a presence in Oman are rushing to offer

lucrative deals and service packages. The scenario is not limited to Oman and reflects a regional trend that sees Gulf States producing lubricant oils, batteries brake shoes and airfilters in large numbers.

The bulk of such industries are based in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait. However, car tyres are being recycled and not manufactured in this region. As far as metal tyres are concerned, Bahrain’s Aluminium Tyres Company produces large quantities, all of which are being exported. Overall, the GCC region has been a profitable market for tyres, lubricants and batteries. European brands have always dominated the lubricant industry globally with very few originating from Japan and Middle East, like the UAE and Oman.

Similarly, the battery market has also been traditionally dominated by European brands, though of late, supply has also been coming from countries such as Indonesia, South Korea or Saudi Arabia with an indigenous brand from Oman. Unlike lubricants and batteries, Oman has only tyre-trading industry as there is no rubber production in the country.

Rising prices

With the prices of crude oil, steel, and other base materials for tyres, batteries, and lubricants hitting new highs the market seems to be on a roll. However, some industry sources say that high prices have not had much of an impact on Oman as yet, at least not...