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Quakers [Society of Friends]: an equality-minded radical Protestant sect.

William Penn: the man who Charles II bestowed Pennsylvania on in payment for a large debt owed to Penn’s father. He (Penn) joined the Quakers and designed Pennsylvania as a refuge for his fellow Quakers.

John Locke: a political philosopher who rejected the divine right monarchy and argued that individuals have inalienable natural rights to life, liberty, and property.

Carolina Colonies:

Coode’s Rebellion: a rebellion led by John Coode that took place in 1689 because of Coode’s dissatisfaction for the new government. He served as a governor but was soon replaced by a new royal governor. He served the new government for a while but soon realized his dislike towards it and participated in 2-3 uprisings.

Leisler’s Rebellion: Leisler's Rebellion was an uprising in colonial New York, reflecting colonial resentment against the policies of King James II.


Atlantic trading system: was a trading system in the South Atlantic. It mainly ran on the Atlantic slave trade. There was a big number of workers so to support this vast number, European merchants relied on African-run slave-catching systems.

Gullah: a distinctive group of Black Americans from South Carolina and Georgia in the southeastern United States. They live in small farming and fishing communities near the coast.

Dominion of New England: King James II instructed the Lords of Trade to impose strict royal control on the American colonies. Therefore in 1686, the Lords revoked the corporate charters of Connecticut and Rhode Island and merged them with the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies to form a new royal province, the Dominion of New England.

Stono Rebellion: took place because the Catholic governor of South Florida promised freedom to fugitive slaves. Some slaves moved to St. Augustine and this mass population shift caused suspicion to arise from the white owners. While was between England and...