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The Seminoles and Osceola Research

Osceola was a prominent leader of the Seminole tribe during the time of the Indian Removal. The Second Seminole War was fought under his leadership. This is the only Indian war in US history where not only the US Army but also the US Navy and Marine Corps participated.1 Osceola’s military tactics such as surprise attacks, adaptability, and stealth abilities were key to success for a long standing war against the Americans. The fierceness and ferocity of the Seminole tribe was evident as this war persisted for seven years. It proved to be a deadly battle and a financial weight for the US government.

Understanding how the conflict came about and the Seminole response will support the tactics Osceola used in his attempt to defeat the Americans. The Seminole Indians occupied land in northern Florida. They were a tribe mixed of several different tribes and runaway slaves who band together. The US government wanted them to sign a treaty to leave their land. They agreed to the treaty for consideration. Not all Seminoles were consulted and many disapproved of this action. Those who resisted rallied together to defend their right to their homes and land. One of those who disapproved of removal was Osceola. Eventually, the government insisted they obey the treaty and leave. Using military force, the Seminoles were forced from their homeland. They retreated farther south, deep into the Everglades. Some were even moved to Oklahoma as were many other tribes from the East. The Seminole tribe posed problems for the expansion of white settlements who wanted more and more land for themselves. The Indians also provided safe haven to the black run away slaves. This irritated the US government. They wanted to force the Seminoles into turning the runaway slaves back to the slave owners. The Seminoles refused to do this which caused contention.



Conflict broke out as the Seminoles tried to...