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Mikel Garrett



My Secret Story

Bad things happen. That is not to say that only bad things happen, but it important to be aware that things are not always good. This idea was permanently embedded in my mind on January 7th, 1996. That is the day that Avril Garrett was killed on impact in a brutal car crash. The kind of wreck you stare at as you pass by on the highway and wonder if anyone died. That is the day that my family was changed forever. At the age of six I had learned of cold, hard truths that many people do not have to face until they are well into their adulthood. I am not a bitter person because of this tragedy. I know that without suffering, I would not be the person I am today.

Childhood Notes

When I was little, I would write notes to everyone in my family. Even before I knew how to write I would find post-it notes and scribble on the paper, then I would give one to each member of my family. Of course, they had no idea what it said so I would have to explain it to them. Soon enough I learned how to write actual words. Then each note I wrote really meant something. My notes were usually the same. “I Love You. From Mikel.” Occasionally I would tailor the notes to who I was writing them to. “I Love You Granny. From Mikel.” I wrote these notes frequently.

On January 6th, 1996, I wrote my last note. It was to my mom. She was going to pick up my brother and me from our Granny’s house in just a few hours. I wrote the note and put it in my pocket so I would not forget to give it to her. “I Love You Mom. From Mikel.”

That Night

My brother and I had stayed the night at our Granny’s house the night before it happened, but that was not the original plan. My mom had called and told Granny that she was on her way but the roads were bad and she would be a little late to pick us up. Granny had told her not to worry about stopping by because it would be no problem for us to stay the night, she told my mom...