Its Decision Making Time

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Date of Submission: August 10, 2011

Title of Assignment: DECISION MAKING

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Rhode Island’s smallest city, Central Falls, filed for bankruptcy on August 1, 2011. The New York Times ran an article on the story, written by Mary Williams and Katie Zezima. This article was featured in the International Edition section of one of our local newspapers, The Tribune on August 3, 2011. I choose the article as it relates to the organizational topics of Decision Making, Power, Politics and Authority. The whole issue is the city’s mismanagement of funds and spending beyond their means. The city made generous promises to retirees and did not set aside enough money to pay for them. I will discuss the key points of the article, its’ relevance to organizational behavior, and what I learned from the article.

Key Points – Small City, Big Debt Problems

Walsh and Zezima reports that;

Central Falls got into trouble, above all, by promising its police and fire fighters generous retirement benefits without setting aside enough money to pay for them. Weak accounting rules helped mask the scale of the problem for years. Now, Rhode Island’s smallest city has the same problem as Washington — debts so...