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Appendix C

Creating a Student Profile for Mock Case Study

Apply the information you compiled in Appendix B to create a profile of a student with at least one exceptionality. Compile details about the student within this matrix. You will post the shaded portion in Week Eight for Discussion Question 1 and use the matrix in its entirety for your Final Project.

|Requirement |Details |

|Name, age, and grade of child |Kyler Dawson |

| |Age 4 |

| |Pre-K 4yr old program |

|Detailed description of child’s |Kyler is friendly and active at home. He has strong views and he talks a lot to his |

|behavior and interactions at home |parents. At school, however Kyler does not say much. He likes to stay by himself. The |

|and school |presence of other children makes him uncomfortable. He has the habit of walking around |

| |the classroom and distracting the other children. At school he still has strong opinions.|

| |It is not easy to get Kyler engaged in his schoolwork. |

|Strengths of child |When Kyler engages he is very imaginative. In an engaged state he remembers everything he|

| |learns at school and also at home. Even so he seems disinterested. |

|Interests or affinities of child |Kyler likes role playing. He likes to wear costumes of action heroes at home, and at |