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Case Study: Build-A-Bear Workshop


Since 2007, Build-A-Bear Workshop® has used OakTree Navigator to generate reports from their IT and Maintenance ticketing system. Build-ABear Workshop® is a worldwide retail store where customers create their own teddy bear or other stuffed animals. With over 400 stores and over 7,000 management and infrastructure employees supported, the Build-A-Bear internal ticketing system supports over 4500 PCs, 375 bear stuffing machines and a multitude of other systems. Build-A-Bear Workshop® requires sophisticated and agile reporting on these systems in order to make better and more informed management decisions.

The Challenge

Todd Snavely, the Build-A-Bear Service Desk Manager said that prior to OakTree Navigator, IT services were “managed more on perception and feel, instead of accurate numbers.” They had no easy mechanism for getting accurate reports out of the system. The canned reports in their CA® Service Desk (Unicenter) system did not cover their unique reporting needs. Mr. Snavely needed a way to justify increases or decreases in staffing numbers on the Service Desk and he also required a mechanism to discuss performance with front line service desk analysts. The whole organization was affected by a lack of adequate reporting. The Build-A-Bear Workshop® also employs multiple regional managers, responsible for the success of each “bearitory” or business territory. It was important that each of these regional managers had access to the unique data within their region. Additionally, managers wanted the ability to have personalized views within Navigator, so that they were only able to view information relevant to their work; reducing the burden of information and confidenitiality issues.

Navigator is a full-blown, ad-hoc reporting solution, empowering business users to create custom reports, interactive dashboards, and intelligent analytics -- all in a single web browser.