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IT 240 Week 8 Disaster Plan for XYZ computers

When it comes to making a disaster recovery plan for XYZ Computers there is a lot of questions that they will need to provide the answers for before what they want implemented to be achieved. The most important questions that need to be asked while accessing the problem would be, how can we fix the problem? How much will it cost? The last question would be can it be possible to anticipate the problem and have a backup plan in place if this situation were to arise again? From these questions that are being asked we also need to consider the fact that there could be a possible manmade disaster as well that could pose a problem and needs to also be considered as the disaster plan is implemented as well. The system should have two prorates set in place; these should be probabilities and impact, while each of these categories should be broken down into the types of risks that could happen. These would be low, medium and high risk which could be disastrous for the company.

While this could be a major problem that threatens the company having RAID tapes that are stored away could prevent the company from going under, it is useful and will help the loss of vital information. By having the RAID tapes stored in another location you will have the back-up that is needed and all will not be lost. If you keep the tapes stored you will have more money to spend on prevention in overhead than on the recovery process. In actuality it is important for Business and technology used to run it, be on the same page, meaning that the information that is needed along with the applications for the business end need to be recovered first in order to keep it up and running.

Seeing as the initial unit of XYZ computers is on the first floor. The only back up system that is being accomplished at this time is the RAID tapes, in which also these could be demolished as well under manmade circumstances such as sprinkler systems, fire, or even heat,...