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Australia is heaven for tourism to travel. Australia is well-known by its beautiful natural scenery and its native culture and currently a growing number of tourism comes to Australia to travel and spends their holidays. For the purpose of this article, Australia is introduced in seven advance facts. First is the tourism industry which means the proportion of international tourism expenditure is increasing. Second is Australia is presented as a favourite honeymoon destination when people getting married. Third are official facts which are about ultimate Australian Adventure. Forth are campaigns in Australia which are built with the involvement of the Australian people. Fifth and sixth are experiences of travelling in Queensland and New South Wales shared by senior. The last is documentary taking Australians on refugee journey. It’s believable that from this article a new perception of Australia will be built.

Australia is a famous travelling country. Nowadays as international travelling industry developed a huge number of people choice to spend holidays overseas. Since then Australia emerges to tourists’ sights and its tourism industry starts developing. “Tourism Australia believes that the proportion of international tourism expenditure will increase from 38 per cent of total tourism expenditure in 2009 to 45 per cent by 2020.”(Article 1, 2011) It indicates that Australia develops its tourism industry to become the most popular travelling country and attracts more and more travelers. “The increasing importance of overseas markets in helping to achieve the $140 billion goal makes ATE more important than ever now as an opportunity to present - and sell - the diversity of Australia’s tourism businesses to the international travel trade.” (Article 1, 2011) This means tourism industry has become one of the most important incomes for Australia.

Since Australia tourism industry developed many couples choice Australia to spend their honeymoon and celebrate their...