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Capstone Checkpoint: Reflections on Nutrition


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June 14, 2011

Capstone Checkpoint: Reflections on Nutrition

This course has motivated one to reflect back on the times when one was the healthiest, and during this course I have learned more about the science of nutrition, and the assignments completed to this point I realize that I have acquired an array of knowledge during this class.

I understand this information is necessary for one`s future to live a healthy and nutritious life, the information is newly revealed, in particular a surprising good or valuable experience interconnected to one`s nutrition, especially how different the nutritional needs change throughout the different stages in life.

The one assignment that influenced one the most was the personal nutritional needs and exercise plan developed during the beginning of the class, whereas the PowerPoint presentation illustrated the importance of one meeting those nutritional needs.

While in contrast the assignment that made the biggest change in one`s life, I believe was this class and all the assignments not just one in particular made the biggest impact in one`s life, and these methods I know will save one`s life.

I understand the plan developed will assist with the weak areas and one`s awareness of the issues alone has made a direct effect on one`s well-being, concerning, and relating to one`s personal health habits, exercise, and nutrition because these areas have strengthened because of the knowledge and tools acquired.

The food pyramid opened one`s eyes because it was connected to one`s personal health habits, exercise, and nutrition, I knew one needed to make changes in diet because of one`s lack of fruits, and vegetable intake, understanding these weak areas will assist one toward the betterment throughout the remainder of one`s life.